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Dance Explosion - Dance School

Dance Explosion is a modern dance studio in the center of Jastrzębie Zdrój. Classes taught by qualified instructors provide participants with a harmonious blend of learning and fun.
The offer includes workshops, among others: salsa, zumba, belly dancing, ballet and hip-hop. All lessons are tailored to the skill level of participants.

on the spot

Air Conditioning
Credit cards accepted
Unguarded car park


500m do intercity bus stations
1km do center
0m do taxi stand
750km do sea
15km do border crossing

Other features of the object

School of Ballet

Activities for children ages: 5-7 years, 7-10years, and 10 to 12 years.
Movement is very important in the development of a small man. During the classes they learn sense of rhythm, movement aesthetics, discipline and how to overcome shyness. Learning ballet shapes children's posture, coordination of movement, which are the basis for the future development of other dance techniques. Groups in Dance Explosion Ballet School are divided into three age ranges, so each and every child can find a group of peers who have rough motor capabilities.


Zumba is a latin-inspired fusion of dance rhythm and aerobics. It is an innovative fitness system, that shapes the silhouette through fun, takes care of your condition and puts in a great mood. Simple dance moves and motivating music create unique atmosphere. You just have fun and burn a lot of calories!

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