About  Us

Free Enterprise Association is a nongovernmental organization with an expert profile operating in a non-profit formula. We are on the market since1992 and today our team consists of30 people. From the beginning, we work only in the design and target system. And that is how we implemented dozens of projects which goal has always been to pioneer and open new ways of social and economic development, whether at local or regional level.  We appear in places where the market has not launched a number of development reserves (because they were not discovered, because it did not pay off, because its implementation was too difficult...) which could serve for companies, municipalities and local communities.

Our main capital constitutes of our ideas and developed over many years, the ability to implement them. Since the beginning of our existence we are a team of advisors who are prepared to show new directions of business development, especially those small and medium-sized. It was 20 years of working for companies which has given us the experience and knowledge how to fulfill our duties. But also, how to build projects which aim is to change business models of individual companies and entire groups operation. That is why our solutions always rely on finding non-obvious and  untapped relations, not only between the same companies, but also between municipalities, universities and NGOs. Some sectors, such as tourism and energy, have become particularly close to us, because they have a huge potential and are still exploited in too small extent.

In our opinion the key to innovation in Poland can result from finding common ground between the entities with such diverse experience and skills, moreover using them  in well thought  and collective projects. It is the key to changes on the social and economic level. It is not the one that results in investments costing tens of millions, but the one that stimulates the depth of ingenuity and invention(innovation?).

Think more or spend more? The decision belongs to each of us. Projects of Free Enterprise Association are our answer to this dilemma. You can find more about them on the page www.fea.pl.