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The Museum of Bread, School and Curiosities in Radzionkow
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Szybkie fakty

  • The point at the Route of Technology Monuments of Silesian Province.
  • Collection of items related with the bakery, confectionery and household.
  • Exhibitions devoted to school, writing machines and computers.
  • Baking their own bread rolls.

Why is this place worth visiting?

If you want to recall the importance of bread, and experience extraordinary pleasure of visiting Radzionkow, go to the Museum of Bread, School and Curiosities. The museum is one of the points at the Route of Technology Monuments of Silesian Province. The Museum is surrounded by areas belonging to industrial companies or large stores, which may be a bit surprising. But we are in the heart of Upper Silesia. So we are pleased that not only the business grows here, but also culture develops. The museum is proud of a great reputation and is very popular among school groups and individuals.

Entering the Museum we move back in time. Here you will meet guides in traditional rozbarskie costumes.In every room you will encounter history, and discover the old machinery, decorative and utilitarian furniture of various kinds. Most of the equipment is related with bakery and bakers in their daily work. Particularly impressive is the room adapted to the old bakery. An elegant counter, cupboards, tables and chairs impress with climate from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, however, the main attraction is undoubtedly the opportunity to bake your own rolls. This process fascinates both adults and children who visit the wonderful place.

The other rooms are equally fascinating: an old kitchen, a room with old furnaces and the Board School. The Museum also stores the relics of the old school - school uniforms and backpacks from the past, boards and teachers’ cathedral. Older visitors will have the opportunity to share memories. The younger - to compare the present with the past. That's not the end of entertainment. In the Museum you will have the opportunity to enjoy the biggest collection of typewriters and old computers.

History, legends

The Museum was founded by a passionate and collector - Piotr Mankiewicz. Initially it meant to be in Bytom, in an old historic building. Unfortunately, decision of officials prevented the realization of this idea. Therefore, the Museum is housed in Radzionkow. It was opened on the 26 of April in 2000l.

What can you do here?

  • See the devil locked in one of the furnaces.
  • Listen to a lecture on the history and ideas of the Museum.
  • See the film about bread and Silesian tradition.
  • Sit in an old school bench and feel like a student.
  • Buy Silesian waffles (oblaty) or black as coal Kopalnioki candies. The latter are quite hard available in supermarkets or even small residential shops.

You cannot miss

  • The opportunity to bake your own rolls.
  • Seeing the showcases with objects made of chocolate and sugar-icing.


  • Days of Street Art in Tarnowskie Gory - June.
  • TARNOwidz Festival, Tarnowskie Gory - August.
  • Gwarki Tarnogorskie - September.

Attractions and interesting places in the area

  • The Center of Culture- Karolinka in Radzionkow.
  • The City Museum in Tarnowskie Gory.
  • The Historic Mine of Silver in Tarnowskie Gory.
  • Black Trout Adit in Tarnowskie Gory.

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