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Park with Forest Surprises - Ustron the world of wild animals
the list

Szybkie fakty

  • An unusual zoo.
  • Animals living in Polish forests.
  • Fallow deer strolling among the visitors.
  • Owls and birds of prey flight shows.
  • Fairy Tales Alley for children.

Why is this place worth visiting?

In the shadow of Poland’s famous spa resorts, in the heart of Ustron, an extraordinary park is hidden. It is an ideal place for anyone who likes spending time surrounded by nature, and wants to get to know safely what is its wild face like.

Park with Forest  Surprises, was created nine years ago as an unconventional zoo. It is inhabited  by animals, for which Polish forests are a natural home. Among the old beech trees, at  friendly runways live wild boars, a bison family, a wildcat, a raccoon, or a ferret.

But the real attraction is the large herd of fallow deer and muffons slowly running around the park. Animals approach to the visitors, you can stroke them or make some beautiful pictures. Food purchased on the premises, will certainly help you to break the ice and make the contact easier.

At the designated hours in Sokolarnia, breathtaking shows of birds of prey flights are held. Buzzards, hawks and eagles soar over the heads for a few centimeters. A commemorative photo with eagles sitting on the arm, for sure will be pride of your albums.

A lot of fun can give you meeting with owls. These intelligent birds, with a great pleasure, present a wonderful show in front of amused spectators.

The Park did not forget about the little ones. Especially for them a huge playground and Fairy Tales Alley were  created. There, a wooden display cases with famous cartoon characters are placed. Pressing the button a child can listen to favorite fairy tales.

History, legends

Employees of the park caring for the animals every day, can share with visitors many interesting stories. One of the legends describes a few memorable escapes of an eagle Regan, which during a show, to the surprise of the spectators and guardians just deserted. The longest  searching of the escapee lasted for eleven days. Fortunately,  Regan was found in time, on the roof of one of surrounding farms. Hungry and skinny eagle, humbly came back under the protective wings of the park. Nobody knows for how long ... .

What can you do here?

  • Take a close look at wild animals.
  • Rest in the bosom of nature.
  • Get to know many interesting facts about animal’s life.
  • Take a walk with children along Fairy Tales Alley.

You cannot miss

  • Watching owls and birds of prey flight shows.
  • Taking a photo with an eagle sitting on your shoulder.
  • Feeding deer.

Attractions and interesting places in the area

  • Private Motor Cycle Museum "Rusty diamonds" in Ustron.
  • The Museum of Beskidy  of Andrzej Podzorski / Department of Museum of Silesian Cieszyn (the building of the tavern from 1794) in Wisla.
  • President’s Castle in Zadni Gron in Wisla.
  • Complex of ski jumps “Centrum”.

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