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Bolko Island - Amazon in the heart of Opole
the list

Szybkie fakty

  • Green enclave in the heart of the city.
  • Natural monuments, rare plants, wild game, numerous lakes, ponds and canals.
  • Interesting bike lanes and health paths.
  • Famous Zoo.
  • Summer workshops for body and soul.

Why is this place worth visiting?

Sometimes it is good to rely on decades of experience of native citizens. How do real dwellers of Opole spend their free time during a beautiful weather? They choose the “Amazon of Opole” on the Bolko Island. This island lies between the Ulga Canal, Oder river and the remnant of the Winski Canal. You can access “the amazon” either by crossing the bridge on Oder from Pasieka Island or using the bridge on Ulga Canal from the side of Wojtowa Wies. The third option is to walk the Parkowa street running along the Canal. Despite its location in the central part of the city, the island is a green oasis of peace and relaxation, which seems to be situated far away from the civilization.

In the area of the island a historic park is located, it is formed by peculiar vegetation as well as several old specimens of trees such as oak, beech and hornbeam. There is also a 400-year-old specimen of Pedunculate Oak also called the Piast Oak. During the trip you can visit the zoo, and more. In the south-west part of the island there are lots of roe deer, and on the whole island there are plenty wild birds. In many places you can find ponds, little lakes with islands and canals connecting them. There is a pier built on one of the ponds. One can also frequently come across snow-white swans floating on the water surface.

The island is covered with paths and alleys with viewpoint terraces. Some of them are ideal for cycling. There is also a health path running around the island, designed for active people who care about fitness. The path includes dozens of exercises with different levels of difficulty. On the terrace, at the main entrance, a historic, main viewing axis of the park begins. It divides the park into two parts. On the other side of Bolko, the axis is finished with a viewpoint place- a pond and a little lake. There is also a beautiful glade - a meeting place of young people in Opole.

Bolko is also famous for zoo in Opole. It covers an area of 20 ha, it has more than 1,000 animals representing over 130 species. There is also a mini zoo where children can have a direct contact with animals. Visiting the zoo in Opole every time leaves a great impression.

The island hosts cyclical events connected with numerous activities of Opole residents, aiming at raising psychophysical fitness. Every year, in spring Bolko holds weekly free Sunday workshops. Thanks to them you can learn salsa dance, exercise yoga and tai chi, take part in the Opole Run, cross-country cycling, as well as listen to a lecture of Buddhist teachers, and university teachers of the department of psychology. There are lots of events taking place here, organized by joint efforts of Opole inhabitants.

History, legends

The island has been described since 1213, but its name comes from the XIV century and it derives from the Duke of Opole- Bolek. In 2012, a rental of water-sport equipment and special picnic place will be created here. New tennis courts, skate park and bike track with specially shaped area for trial is going to be a part of the facility. But it is not all, there will be also a ground designated for dog training, equipped with a large toilet for pets, a linarium, a meadow-like grassland and a green maze with a viewing platform and a pulpit.

An interesting fact is the existence of a tunnel connecting the Bolko Island with the Pasieka lsand, which runs under the river. Unfortunately, the tunnel is currently unavailable for tourists. Let’s hope that soon we will be able to explore this place.

What can you do here?

  • Take a romantic walk.
  • Organize a picnic with family and friends.
  • Ride the bicycle route, and admire Opole from viewpoint terraces during stops.
  • Pass the health path.
  • Develop your passions during regular events.

You cannot miss

  • Visiting the zoo.
  • Events
  • Regatta on the Oder – May.
  • Cross-country cycling – June.
  • The Opole Run – July.
  • Yoga in the park - summer Sundays.
  • International Knight Tournaments.

Tourist attractions and interesting places in the area

  • Pasieka Island - the Art Nouveau Pearl of Opole.
  • Pisastowka Tower.
  • Market square with the City Hall of Opole.
  • Bicycle route running along the Oder.
  • Bolko Stoneware with a great, big beach and crystal-clear water.

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Bolko Island - Amazon in the heart of Opole
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Spacer z pieskiem i warsztat taneczny

Na pewno skorzystamy, ciekawa jest propozycja kuru salsy i na pewno zachęcający teren z możliwością spaceru z psem.

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