Why do we build cooperating groups of travel companies?

  • because we are concerned about the state of Polish tourism and the blatant inability to use the enormous potential of attractions we have
  • because hotels, guest houses and companies from the tourism industry earn today only a fraction of what they could be earning
  • because in every Polish travel agency a tourist will buy a ready-organized holiday offer to Turkey, Spain or the Caribbean, but not to Lower Silesia, or other equally beautiful place in Poland
  • because there is  lack of ready and comprehensive offers of tourists spending time in Poland
  • because a richer offer for tourists can be created as the result of combining offers from  a group of cooperating travel companies into the one service package
  • because this is the first solution, which a travel company should think of, if it does not have millions to invest.

Why is this worth joining us to create the cooperative groups?

  • because we are not satisfied only with slogans about cooperation benefits, but we provide real  solutions
  • because we work out concepts of packages, we provide a selection of partners, we create rules of group operation, we provide tools to manage their billing and sales systems, we verify the technical potential and quality of services provided by  members of a group and provide participation in wide-ranging programs promotion.