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Geological Museum in Kletno

We have a unique in Europe collection of minerals and fossils - in Poland, this is the only place, where you will see such a large collection of fossilized dinosaur nests - four nests (a total of no less than forty eggs!). In addition:

  • traces of pre-mammal-like reptiles from about 250 million years ago- the best-preserved footprints in Europe,
  • dinosaur footprints from Stołowe Mountains - one of the first and few traces of a dinosaur have been found in the Sudetenland,
  • collection of fossilized dinosaur teeth, pre-crocodiles, mammoths, reptiles and fish,
  • various types and sizes of shells of ammonites - also called pyritized ammonites,
  • fossilized tree trunks from before 250 million years, and various traces of flora and fauna from the past eras of the Earth,
  • meteorite that was found in Siberia,
  • large pink quartz from Izerskie Mountains,
  • various forms of gypsum crystals from a copper mine,
  • agate collection from Poland and from around the world - among them the largest agate found in Kaczawskie Mountains,
  • collection of striped flint from Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

These specimen were brought to the local museum from all over the globe. Geological Museum of the Earth is the only place in Poland, where you can admire the extremely rare fossils.

The Museum is visited with a guide (included), who brings difficult issues and answers your questions. There is also a garden and Jurassic Park - a place for children to play and take interesting photos.

We are also the organizers of many International Championships in Mineral Searching - heldd annually in August in Kletno.

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Unguarded car park


5km do border crossing

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Jurassic Park

• dinosaur models in a scale of 1:1,
• position of a primitive man,
• fossilized permski forest,
• decorative rock gardens with mountain plants around the Jurassic Park,
• great attraction for children and adults.

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