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Laskawy Kamien Lime Kiln

Over a village, along the road to Kletno, there is a historic lime kiln. It is the Poland's only, a restored Rumford type lime kiln based on the KF Schinkel design. The kiln is built of rough stone and bricks on the set of a hexagon, tapering towards the top, with entrances at the base and narrow windows on two opposite walls. It is topped with a small rotunda-like extension with windows, covered with a wide, green, metal roof. Winding stairs, located inside the old furnace lead to the top. A workshop and an apartment building were built next to the kiln. The whole building was surrounded by a small park with a Japanese garden, a bell tower and a pyramid.

The Lime kiln itself is a fascinating monument of art, and its design, in contrary to conventional kilns, allowed for permanent use. Visiting the facility, the park and Japanese garden with a guide takes approximately 35 - 45 minutes.

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