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Informacje o trasie

Miejsce startu: Road to Ozimek
Miejsce końcowe: Silver lake in Osowiec
Rodzaj: driving
Trudność: Active
Dystans: 56.0 km
Czas: 12.0 h

W skrócie...

If you want a tour, in which there is no place for monotony and you adore active rest - this tour is perfect for you. It includes a valuable monument, a possibility of horse riding and using tennis courts. Moreover, on the route excellent conditions for water sports and interesting trail are combined with great fun for children. However, it is worth considering that the route absorbs quite considerable amount of time and energy. On the other hand, it is flexible enough that it can be adjusted to your needs according to your fitness.

Road to Ozimek (19.4km)

To leave Opole you should enter the ring road and head to the road no. 46 leading to Ozimek.

Jurapark in Krasiejow (4.5km)

When we reach Ozimek, it will be very easy to get to Krasiejow, because everywhere the route is well marked directing us to the "world of dinosaurs." Jurapark is an educational theme park and is an excellent choice for a family weekend. Everyone will find something interesting in this unique place. The park is located within the excavations, on certain designated areas the research is carried out till the present day. One of the key elements of the park is a fairly sizeable trail, which on one hand leads us through a lesson of prehistory, and on the other hand is an interesting natural path. The route leads along the red rocks and water reservoirs. Everything goes according to chronological order. Here, there are reconstructed dinosaurs of various sizes having deceptively authentic look, about 70 species and 200 specimens. Within the park a paleontological pavilion can be found, where you can admire fossils found in Krasiejow. It is the largest accumulation of remains of Mesozoic reptiles and amphibians in Europe. Visiting this place is very interesting experience, because it is not artificially created. This museum is located in the place where the fossils were actually found. The deposit is in the original position in which they froze 220 million years ago. It is the only museum in the world, which stands on an active paleontological position. A mobile platform for paleontologists was designed to move over the field of fossils. During the season from July to September, you can take a look at work of paleontologists.
It is worth taking a ride through a "time tunnel", a train riding through a place that will take you to the time when there was no Earth. Starting from the Big Bang you will discover the successive stages of the Earth formation. You will witness the rise of the first galaxies and the Solar System. You will look into the depths of Paleozoic seas admiring their inhabitants. Take a look at the continental drift, climate change and the greatest natural disasters in the history of our planet. All this in an incredibly realistic scenery combined with the latest multimedia technologies. The final stage of the Time Tunnel is a ride through the Opole region of the Triassic era.
An interesting attraction is the virtual museum in 3D and a cinema, where apart from 3D images, viewers can also experience other sensations: sound, movement, touch, smell.
The youngest visitors can have fun in an entertainment park and a playground with a "monkey grove," a spider network, a climbing wall and much more. It is also possible to organize your child's birthday with many attractions in the Dinopark. The park is also a place where you can sunbathe and swim. There is a beautiful resort with sandy beach and crystal clear water. It is called Jurassic Beach. While visiting Jurapark it is worth using the workshops conducted on the premises. These classes are intended for children and adults. Activities for children are paleontological and art workshops consisting of painting of the dinosaurs and ammonites in accordance with the child's imagination, while the tutor tells the story of extinct groups of animals. The second form of classes for children is precious metal leaching combined with a short lesson of the "gold rush" and the history of its exploration in Poland. If it comes to workshops for adults, they are: preparation of a dinosaur’s 'skeleton' from a block of gypsum, ammonite painting, gold panning - all colored with stories and explanations of people running the workshops. There are a lot of events within the area of the Jurapark, one of the most interesting is certainly the Night of Museums with a free admittance, when visitors can take part in various games such as an off-road one.

Iron bridge hanging in Ozimek (14.5km)

We return from Krasiejow to Ozimek and are guided by the road to Opole, and we look for the iron bridge on the left side. The bridge hanging over the Mala Panew river, was built in 1827 and it was the first hanging iron bridge in Europe. Its length may not be great, but still the bridge is impressive. Currently, it is located behind the gate of Malapanew steelworks. The plant is still very active and has been for over 250 years.

Turawskie lake and watersports (10.5km)

After educational and historic part it is time for sport and active recreation at the Turawskie lake. There are many possibilities to try water sports or we can simply stop at one of the entries to the lake and sit for a moment at "Opole sea". From Ozimek we should head towards Antoniow and from there go a road surrounding the lake. Around the lake there are also plenty of restaurants with great views. By the road surrounding the lake there are many places where you can park your car and go up the stairs leading to the earthwork at the lake - a perfect place for a walk. Sailing is the most common sport here. Due to the presence of perch you can also go fishing, and for lovers of cycling there are five routes of exceptional natural and scenic values.

Zawada - horse riding and tennis courts (7.1km)

If there is not enough of sport experience, in a tiny village Zawada near Turawa we can choose playing tennis or horse riding. The easiest way to get here is to drive a scenic route along the Turawskie lake and then turn left by entering road no 45. Tennis Center is located at Skosna 9 street (entrance from Krancowa street). However, if you prefer to ride a horse or simply contact with animals, it is better to visit the stables with 90-year tradition at 24 Oleska street. The stud farm offers many attractions, such as: horse riding lessons for beginners and advanced learners under the guidance of qualified instructors, hippo therapy, carriage rides, horse-drawn carriage rides, integration events for educational institutions and private companies, courses , trainings, a mini zoo and birthday parties for children of various topics such as the wild West, in an Indian village, knights and ladies of the court, Opole safari.

Emerald Silver lake

After a busy day it is worth resting on the beach and swim in a crystal clear water. In Opole region there is a lot of flow-through and stoneware lakes, but Silver Lake with the area of 12 h, also called the Emerald Lake is one of the favorite reservoirs of Opole citizens. The lake is located in the north of Turawa, near Turawskie lake. From Turawa you shoul head towards Osowiec. This lake owes its attractiveness to the location in the heart of the forest away from the turmoil of the city. Here the air is always fresh and fragrant, and the water captivates with its emerald colour. Here you can relax on the sandy beach sunbathe in sunshine or hide in the shade among the trees around the reservoir. There is a water equipment rental at the reservoir attracting amateurs of canoes, water bikes and inflatable boats. There is also a camping, restaurant and a secure parking. A volleyball pitch is an extension of the sandy beach and in summer it is a great attraction and motivation for active recreation and integration with your friends. Around the lake there are plenty of places where you can organize a barbecue. Each summer famous DJs come to Osowiec from all over the country to organize a beach party at the lake. Since the Silver Lake tourism is dominated mainly by young people, therefore at the parties in majority you can here disco and club music.


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