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Informacje o trasie

Miejsce startu: Miedzygorze
Miejsce końcowe: Miedzylesie
Rodzaj: cycling
Trudność: Active
Dystans: 22.6 km
Czas: 4.5 h

W skrócie...

The route is designed for school children and adults. It runs through little frequented roads, asphalt and gravel ones. A driveway on a bicycle from Miedzygorze to a shelter requires a good physical condition. The route is not available in winter.
You should take: binoculars, something for a grill.

Miedzygorze, a bus station - PTTK shelter at Snieznik (5.5km)

The rally at the highest peaks in Snieznik Massif starts at the bus station in Miedzygorze. Maybe the station is a too big word for that, but at this point, buses finish their tour and at a large square of asphalt turn back to return on the course. From the bus station we head up through an asphalt road, according to a red trail. Wilczka river flows on the right side. After 1.45 km on the right side of the road there is a newly erected building of Mountain Rescue Station. Please remember that the emergency telephone to the Mountain Rescue in the mountains is 601 100 300. Only the rescuers will be able to help you on slopes and in slots.
At the 1.86 kilometer of the route a paved road ends, we continue traveling straight ahead on a gravel road, according to the red trail. At the 1.96 km of the route we face crossroads, the red trail runs to the right and leads to a hill, we move straight on. A driveway gets steep, only strong bicycle riders will endure it. In the event of loss of traction in the rear wheel we advice to wheel your bike. At the 5.95 km of the route at the intersection, we turn right and painfully continue to enter the peak on a gravel road. At the intersection there is a signpost with the inscription “ Snieznik hostel 0.30 h ".
After defeating the next 600 meters we enter Snieznicka Pass, where numerous hiking trails cross, we find the red trail and straight uphill, we go further on a wide gravel road. To reach a tourist hostel we have to overcome 910 meters. Next to the shelter there are benches and a fireplace, it’s an ideal place for a meal with roasted sausages. The driveway requires a lot of effort, sweat flows on our faces, but the reward is great. Klodzko Valley lies at our feet. With good visibility you can see Sniezka in the Karkonosze.

A shelter at Snieznik Hall- Jodlow village (12.1km)

We leave the shelter, then follow a blue trail for 500 meters slightly uphill (that's the last hill on this route) to the south. This part of the route runs through the only one in the Eastern Sudety alpine floor – a mountain meadow, a hall, rock and rubble fields and alpine spruce forest. We meet a place called "a dead forest". Contaminated atmosphere coming from the industrial districts of the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and even Great Britain in the 80s of last century led to withering of forests in the Sudety, particularly in the Giant Mountains and the Snieznik Massif. Looking towards the hostel on the right we can see a boulder field on the slopes of Sredniak, with a little luck you can see mountain goats, it is their favorite place in Poland apart from the Tatra Mountains.
The road section to Jodlow is very picturesque, almost deserted, wide, comfortable, safe and surrounded by silence and intense scent of the forest. Along the route there are innumerable watercourses, and if you are exhausted and thirsty you can derive freely. The part from the shelter to Jodlow has a slight slope, the blue trail is well marked, the road is gravel, running under the peaks of Little Snieznik and Trojmorski Wierch, and in 30 minutes you can easily get to Jodlow village.

Jodlow village – Pisary village (5.0km)

From Jodlow to Miedzylesie we use an asphalt road, at the first kilometer, from the beginning of the village the blue trail is still with us, then it turns right on a dirt road, we continue driving straight on asphalt. Jodlow village is deserted, and has a farming character. In the village there are three resorts and numerous private houses and bungalows. The most valuable monument is a baroque church of John the Baptist from 1756. To the south of Jodlow we can see Trojmorski Wierch dominating over the village. At the top of this peak a wooden viewpoint tower was erected.
Pisary village is located on the upper Nysa Klodzka and was founded as a servant village of the miedzysleski castle of lords, which was specializing in breeding of hunting dogs. The town was called Psary (from polish pies- a dog). After World War II Polish officials mistakenly called the town Pisary. At the 21.74 km of the route on the left we pass a lovely chapel of St. Onufry from 1813, and at the 22.83 km you can see a church of St. Vaclav from 1859.

Pisary village- Miedzylesie railway station

From Pisary to Miedzylesie we move along an asphalt road, straight ahead, on the main road. Along the way at the 25.3 km of the route you will pass a farming village Dolnik. We can admire a creatively renovated bus stop, on its walls there is a brief history of the village. After defeating 27.5 kilometers of the route, along an asphalt road we reach crossroads in the market square of Miedzylesie. Straight ahead there is the entrance to the castle in Miedzylesie, we turn left, and follow 500 meters of pavement and we're at a roundabout. We turn right, go down Wojska Polskiego street and slightly uphill towards a railway station. On the right, an evangelical church from 1900 emerges at Wojska Polskiego street, and then we get to Kolejowa street to a railway station buildings in Miedzylesie. My bike meter shows 29.5 kilometers of the route. It is the end of our tour.


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