Our mission

Why did we create this site?

  • because we love travelling
  •  because we are the same as you
  • because we believe, that  the best moments include in the time spent with your family and friends while travelling – into the known and unknown
  • because for the last 20 years we have been looking for new methods of local development in Poland
  • because we believe that  the source of such development can be found in tourism
  • because we are sure that this development will not take place without small tourist companies
  • because we know those companies and  we are convinced that they have families the same as yours and they concern about the future the same as you
  • because we know that while travelling everyone wants to feel being looked  after- not by services company but the people  who  create it and can take care of others

We do not take pot lock – we verify companies and their services during a professional audit.

Why do we start from the Lower Silesia?

  • because we come from this place and we are proud of it
  • because our families and friends live here
  • because here on the routes we wore our shoes out, and we checked where to take our beloved ones